Happenings for May 19-20th

1.Travel out to the annual Long Hill Plant Sale (starts at 10AM, early entry for Trustees members)! In Beverly, it is such a beautiful spot to check out, and they have an amazing children’s garden! Besides lovely ornamental plants, the Food Project will also be selling veggie seedlings! Support good causes and get beauty and healthy!


2. From the BeverlyMAFreecyle page:


We’re having a Beverly Freecycle Declutter Weekend!

Many of us have items hanging around the house that we no longer use.
Maybe you need to clean out some closets, drawers, the cellar, the attic, the garage or whatever.
Perhaps you got an extra copy of Shakespeare’s Collected Plays from
Aunt Bertha over the holidays or you have way too many garden rakes. 🙂

Whatever the reason, here’s an invitation – take stock of what you’d
like to clear out, and post your OFFER this coming weekend, May 19 & May 20.

Let’s start our spring cleaning in Freecycle style! We hope to see lots and lots of offers of items posted this weekend! And thanks to everyone
for making BeverlyMA Freecycle such a wonderful group. 🙂

3. Arthritis Walk! At Lynch Park, Sunday from 10:30-2:00PM, check out the link below for more info:



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