Saturday Library Play Date!

Hey All:

Phew, February has flown by!! I am excited for the new year, and to get back to mayhem in the Sohier room of the Beverly Public library.

Please join me on Saturday (we have the space reserved from 9:45-12:30). This is an open playdate, please bring toys your kid will share (please do not bring those little doll strollers, no one shares them very well), books to read, etc.

If you bring snacks for your child, please be aware that there will likely be those with nut allergies present, so be mindful and leave the peanut butter crackers at home!

I look forward to meeting you if I haven’t yet! This is open to anyone, but we have tried to keep it to kiddos on the younger side (under 4 or 5), in part because when this started we had a lot of crawlers, and in part because the toddler crowd is a bit more chaotic in the back play area of the library).

If you have questions, you can email me at!

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