Salt Dough Ornaments

Hey All:

It has been a busy fall for many of us! We are starting to gear up for winter, we will have a few fun things doing in the next few months, and then next spring, we are hoping to move forward with a bit more umph!

If you have a chance, swing by the crafts table at the Beverly Indoor Farmers Market today (it is from 2-6pm), at the Cove Community Center. We will have a craft for the kids! I have made a large number of salt dough pieces (mainly ornaments, but they could be medallions, or anything else you wanted them to be).

Please stop by to paint one, or glue some magic all over one! If you want to know how to make your own salt dough, here is the skinny!


1 Cup of salt (after scouring the internet, I have been using about 80% regular table salt, and the remaining is sea salt)

2 Cups of Flour

1 Cup of water

(optional=teaspoon of lemon juice, teaspoon of vegetable oil, I added those in to my measuring cup and then filled up to the 1 cup line).

Step one:

dump the salt and the flour into a large bowl. mix. add water, mix.

You can then wrap it and refridgerate for up to a week, you can roll it right out and start turning it into shapes, either with cookie cutters, or with your hands.

It seems the fasted way to get them to set is to bake them at 200 for 2o minutes or so (if you add the oil and or lemon juice this can take longer). They don’t have butter, so they don’t spread like regular cookies…I also put several racks in my dehydrator for a while on the max setting, and that seemed to work.

You can put some food coloring in the dough in the beginning.

Paint them, glue stuff on them, stamp them, what ever you want. If you want to hang them, use a straw to make a hole for your hanging device.

Finish them off with a gloss or something and you will have an ornament that will last forever…

If you would like to participate in our float at the Beverly Santa Parade, please leave a comment here, and we will get back to you with details!!!

Hope to see you at the farmers market!!!


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